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Enjoy a full moon experience at home!
Who needs to travel to space to get the full planetarium and solar system experience when you can experience it from your own home with the 3D Galaxy Lamp! If you're fascinated with astronomy and planets, and want some flare in your room, this is the lamp for you! Spruce up your space today!


3D printed precision. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees ultra-realistic design accuracy. Each and every lamp takes over 15 hours to 3D print.

16 Colors to choose from. Our 3D Galaxy Lamp embodies the mystery of deep space! Many different color tones give you complete control over your experience.

Dimmable. Easily adjust the brightness of your 3D Galaxy Lamp. Turn down the brightness and use it as a nightlight. Turn up the brightness and use it during the day!

The provided remote is easy to use and can come in handy in controlling other LED lights.

The wooden stand is included with the lamp!
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